At Kurry Masala we delight in bringing your imaginations alive with the sensuous aroma of fine Indian Cuisine. Here at Kurry Masala, we also bring you the taste of the street foods like paav Bhaji & Bhel Puri  from Mumbai, Chaat Papdi and Tikki Choley from the streets of Delhi. Kurry Masala is basically India on a platter as we present the most desired Indian food to yet  diversifying Indian fusion food. Kurry Masala takes pride in preparing your meals exactly the way you like it: hot, fresh, and made from scratch everyday. Our team of professional, quality chefs use only the best herbs and spices, putting together a feast for your senses.

We have adapted many of the traditional dishes to suit our fast food menu. The basic adaptation is to decrease the processing and serving time without having to lose the quality. For example, the typical meal which called for being served by an ever alert attendant is now offered by us as a Mini-Meal or combo across the counter. In its traditional version, a plate or a banana leaf was first laid down on the floor or table. Several helpers then waited on the diner, doling out different dishes and refilling as they got over in the plate.

The first thing you will notice when you enter, the  wonderful aroma of slow cooked Kurry, or freshly baked tandoori bread. The fragrance  of Indian spices fill the room that is irresistible.

We use the best ingredients available and prepare every dish so it is as fresh as it can be.



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Sunday 11am - 7 pm or late
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